The Body Fat Solution

The Body Fat Solution PDF eBook Free Download

The Body Fat Solution eBook PDF Free Download

5 Principles for Burning Fat, Building Lean Muscle, Ending Emotional Eating and Maintaining your Perfect Weight

Edited by Tom Venuto

Published by Avery

About the Book

The Body Fat Solution: 5 Principles for Burning Fat, Building Lean Muscle, Ending Emotional Eating and Maintaining your Perfect Weight is edited by Tom Venuto. This First Edition textbook of “The Body Fat Solution” is published by Avery publications. We all know that we gain fat when we take in more calories than we burn. But we’re not always rational creatures when it comes to food and exercise.


– Provides a sound plan that will help us put the brakes on overeating by pinpointing the mental roadblocks and emotional eating patterns that are preventing us from losing weight for good.
– Explores Info on Why it is so difficult to balance calorie output with input.
– Discussion on Topics such as What prevents people from eating appropriately and exercising more.
– Shows how to personalize an eating plan that takes into account your unique metabolism and calorie needs, while offering delicious new menus.
– Helps readers change their relationship with food, empowers them to take charge of their lives, and delivers a program that promises dramatic and permanent results.

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What You will Learn

The Topics Covered in this Textbook are

How Effective Does Your Fat-Burning Program Need to Be?
My New Solution for Millions of “Regular People”
What’s the Real Cause of the Body Fat Problem?
Whom This Book Is For
What You Can Expect from the Body Fat Solution
What You Must Give for the Body Fat Solution to Work for You
Body Fat: A New Understanding of the Problem
Body Fat Myths and Why We Believe Them
Attitudes and Beliefs That Set the Stage for Success
Freedom from Emotional Eating
Mental Training Solution: Setting Goals and Reprogramming Your Mind for Automatic Success
The High-Low Nutrition Solution: How to Burn Fat Automatically and Feel Fuller on Less Food
The “E-Max” Fat-Burning Solution: Maximizing Your Metabolism and Burning More Calories Twenty-four Hours a Day
The “Lean Muscle” Training Solution: Reshaping Your Body and Getting Leaner with Weight Training
The Social Support Solution: Recruiting Friends, Family, Peers, and Mentors into Your Support Circle
Planning, Organizing, and Implementing: Focusing on Priorities, Putting It All Together, and Getting Started Right
Keeping Score and Staying on Track: How to Monitor Your Progress, Make Yourself Accountable, and Break Any Plateau
Staying Lean and Staying Strong: Secrets of Maintaining Your Perfect Weight for Life

For Whom is this Book For

The Body Fat Solution, 1st Edition is perfect for Obese and Fatty People. It is the must have reference for Dieticians and Nutritionists! It acts as Reference Material for those students those who are pursuing their Graduation in Nutrition and Health Care.


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