Review of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, 3rd Edition

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About the Book
Name of the eBook:Review of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology: Including Clinical and Pathological Aspects, 3rd Edition
Authors / Editors: Gautam Biswas
Book Description

The book entitled “Review of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, 3rd Edition” comprises of two sections. Section 1 illustrates about jurisprudence and forensic medicine and section 2 illustrates about toxicology.

Forensic medicine and toxicology is an expansive and budding field where many changes occur because of the new research in the field, new technology, or new laws or regulations being implemented.

Key Features

  • This book aims to provide a critical update of all the chapters that are affected by such changes. Jurisprudence and forensic medicine elaborate medical jurisprudence and ethics; acts related to medical practice; legal procedure; different ways of identification; details of autopsy; asphyxia; different types of injuries; decompression, radiation and altitude sickness; deaths (starvation and anesthetic); infanticide and child abuse are discussed.
  • Also, topics like abortion; impotence and sterility; virginity, pregnancy and delivery; sexual offenses; postmortem artifacts; forensic psychiatry; bloodstain analysis; seminal stains and other biological samples; DNA fingerprinting; torture and custodial deaths; medico-legal aspects of HIV and newer techniques and recent advances are highlighted.
  • Toxicology illustrates about general toxicology; corrosive poisons; inorganic metal irritants (arsenic, mercury, lead, copper, thallium and others); non-metallic and mechanical irritants; organic irritants (plant and animal); somniferous poisons; inebriants—alcohol; sedative-hypnotic—barbiturates; deliriants—dhatura/datura; deliriants—cannabis; deliriants—cocaine; spinal and peripheral nerve poisons; cardiac poisons; hydrocyanic acid; asphyxiants; war gases and biological weapons; agricultural poisons; alphos; medicinal poisons; drug dependence and date rape drugs; kerosene oil poisoning and food poisoning.
  • At the end of each chapter, topic-wise multiple choice questions are given.

Table of Contents

Chapter-01 Medical Jurisprudence and Ethics 1-29
Chapter-02 Acts Related to Medical Practice 30-42
Chapter-03 Legal Procedure 43-55
Chapter-04 Identification I 56-83
Chapter-05 Identification II 84-97
Chapter-06 Medico-legal Autopsy 98-121
Chapter-07 Autopsy Room Hazards 122-125
Chapter-08 Thanatology 126-135
Chapter-09 Signs of Death 136-159
Chapter-10 Asphyxia 160-187
Chapter-11 Injuries 188-208
Chapter-12 Firearm Injuries 209-231
Chapter-13 Regional Injuries 232-262
Chapter-14 Thermal Injuries 263-280
Chapter-15 Transportation Injuries 281-288
Chapter-16 Explosion Injuries and Fall from Height 289-294
Chapter-17 Medico-legal Aspects of Injuries 295-309
Chapter-18 Decompression, Radiation and Altitude Sickness 310-312
Chapter-19 Starvation Deaths 313-315
Chapter-20 Anesthetic Deaths 316-319
Chapter-21 Infanticide and Child Abuse 320-336
Chapter-22 Abortion 337-344
Chapter-23 Impotence and Sterility 345-352
Chapter-24 Virginity, Pregnancy and Delivery 353-365
Chapter-25 Sexual Offences I 366-387
Chapter-26 Sexual Offences II 388-393
Chapter-27 Sexual Offences III 394-398
Chapter-28 Postmortem Artifacts 399-402
Chapter-29 Forensic Psychiatry 403-421
Chapter-30 Bloodstain Analysis 422-430
Chapter-31 Seminal Stains and Other Biological Samples 431-437
Chapter-32 DNA Fingerprinting 438-445
Chapter-33 Torture and Custodial Deaths 446-450
Chapter-34 Medico-legal Aspects of HIV 451-453
Chapter-35 Newer Techniques and Recent Advances 454-456
Chapter-36 General Toxicology 463-481
Chapter-37 Corrosive Poisons 482-488
Chapter-38 Inorganic Metallic Irritants—Arsenic 489-493
Chapter-39 Inorganic Metallic Irritants—Mercury 494-498
Chapter-40 Inorganic Metallic Irritants—Lead 499-504
Chapter-41 Inorganic Metallic Irritants—Copper 505-507
Chapter-42 Inorganic Metallic Irritants—Thallium 508-509
Chapter-43 Other Inorganic Metallic Irritants 510-513
Chapter-44 Non-Metallic and Mechanical Irritants 514-516
Chapter-45 Organic Irritants—Plant 517-523
Chapter-46 Organic Irritants—Animal 524-536
Chapter-47 Somniferous Poisons (Narcotic Poisons) 537-541
Chapter-48 Inebriants—Alcohol 542-558
Chapter-49 Sedative-hypnotic—Barbiturates 559-561
Chapter-50 Deliriants—Dhatura/Datura 562-565
Chapter-51 Deliriants—Cannabis 566-568
Chapter-52 Deliriants—Cocaine 569-571
Chapter-53 Spinal and Peripheral Nerve Poisons 572-575
Chapter-54 Cardiac Poisons 576-581
Chapter-55 Hydrocyanic Acid 582-585
Chapter-56 Asphyxiants 586-590
Chapter-57 War Gases and Biological Weapons 591-594
Chapter-58 Agricultural Poisons 595-605
Chapter-59 Alphos (Aluminum Phosphide) 606-610
Chapter-60 Medicinal Poisons 611-617
Chapter-61 Drug Dependence and Date Rape Drugs 618-626
Chapter-62 Kerosene Oil Poisoning 627-628
Chapter-63 Food Poisoning 629-634

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Review of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology 3rd Edition eBook Free Download

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