Principles and Practice of Physics

Principles and Practice of Physics PDF eBook Free Download

Principles and Practice of Physics eBook PDF Free Download

Edited by Eric Mazur

Published by Pearson

About the Book

This Principles and Practice of Physics is edited by Eric Mazur. This First Edition of Principles and Practice of Physics is published by Pearson Publications.


– Builds an understanding of physics that is both thorough and accessible.
– Unique organization and pedagogy allow you to develop a true conceptual understanding of physics alongside the quantitative skills needed in the course.
– New learning architecture: The book is structured to help you learn physics in an organized way that encourages comprehension and reduces distraction.
– Physics on a contemporary foundation: Traditional texts delay the introduction of ideas that we now see as unifying and foundational.
– Builds physics on those unifying foundations, helping you to develop an understanding that is stronger, deeper, and fundamentally simpler.
– Uses a range of research-based instructional techniques to teach physics in the most effective manner possible.
– Puts physics first, thereby making it more accessible to you to learn.

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What You will Learn

The Topics Covered in this Textbook are

Foundations, Motion in One Dimension
Acceleration, Momentum, Energy
Principle of Relativity
Interactions, Force, Work
Motion in a Plane and Circle
Torque, Gravity
Special Relativity
Periodic Motion
Waves in One Dimension
Waves in Two and Three Dimensions
Fluids, Entropy
Energy Transferred Thermally
Degradation of Energy
Electric Interactions
The Electric Field, Gauss’s Law
Work and Energy in Electrostatics
Charge Separation and Storage
Magnetic Interactions
Magnetic Fields of Charged Particles in Motion
Changing Magnetic Fields
Changing Electric Fields
Electric Circuits, Electronics, Ray Optics
Wave and Particle Optics

For Whom is this Book For

This Principles and Practice of Physics, 1st Edition is perfect for Physics Students. It is the must have reference for researchers and scientists! It acts as Reference Material for those students those who are pursuing their Graduation in Physical Chemistry.


Format of the eBook: PDF Size: 53.7 MB


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Principles and Practice of Physics eBook Free Download

Principles and Practice of Physics PDF Free Download