Power Systems and Renewable Energy

Power Systems and Renewable Energy eBook Free Download

Power Systems and Renewable Energy eBook PDF Free Download

Edited by Gary D. Price

Design, Operation and Systems Analysis

Published by Momentum Press

About the Book

This Power Systems and Renewable Energy: Design, Operation and Systems Analysis is edited by Gary D. Price. The goal of this First Edition textbook is to provide a recourse for engineering students interested in the design and operation of solar electric, solar thermal, wind, and other renewable systems. Solar and wind energy systems have flourished throughout the United States in the last few years as the public calls for reduced dependence on foreign oil. Government programs have been established to meet the public demand. Many states have passed legislation that requires electric utilities to include a portfolio of renewable energy sources in their generation mix.

The resulting public demand has stimulated the growth of an industry that provides wind and solar systems, and many small businesses have grown to install these systems. Training programs and courses are now ubiquitous as the demand for designers and installer’s increases. Almost every educational institution offers renewable energy classes or curriculum. The organization of this book begins with concepts and terminology for power and energy – the basics needed to communicate and understand the subject. Conventional power systems are briefly discussed to understand the concepts used in the integration of renewable power systems. Discussion then moves to the design and installation of a small residential photovoltaic system and wind generator connected to the electric utility grid. With this background, the student is able to begin developing ideas for a class project.

The chapters following concepts and background review delve into the details of photovoltaic and wind systems as interconnected or stand-alone designs. Estimating and predicating energy production is presented using industry distribution functions and online programs. Concepts of temperature coefficients, synchronization, power conversion, and system protection are explained and practiced. These concepts are applied to residential and small commercial systems and later extrapolated to large system design. Economic analysis is presented using basic methodologies such as payback and rate of return. The ethodology to develop advanced analysis is introduced using spreadsheets. The remainder of the text explores other renewable technologies, energy storage systems, thermal systems, and renewable related topics.

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What You will Learn

The Topics Covered in this Textbook are

Conventional Electric Power Systems
Types of Renewable Energy Systems
The Solar Resource
Interconnected Photovoltaic Systems
Interconnected Wind Energy Systems
Energy Storage and Stand-Alone Systems
Economics: Break-Even and Return on Investment
Solar Thermal Systems
Structural Considerations for PV Arrays
Shade Analysis Programs
Photovoltaic Module Specifications
Colorado Net Metering Rules

For Whom is this Book For

This Power Systems and Renewable Energy: Design, Operation and Systems Analysis is perfect for Engineering Students and Engineers. It acts as Reference Material for those students who are pursuing their Graduation in Electrical Engineering. It includes topics pretty useful for Others including Polytechnic and Diploma Students.


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Power Systems and Renewable Energy eBook Free Download

Power Systems and Renewable Energy PDF Free Download