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About the Book
Name of the eBook: Neuroblastoma: Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Interventions
Authors / Editors: Swapan K. Ray
Book Description

Neuroblastoma: Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Interventions comprehensively reviews current concepts in molecular and histopathological mechanisms that influence the growth of human malignant neuroblastoma, along with exciting therapeutic interventions. This book features a broad collection of contributions from leading investigators in histopathology, molecular mechanisms, genetics, epigenetics, microRNAs, proteomics, and metabolism in controlling growth and death in neuroblastoma. Recent developments in therapeutic interventions for neuroblastoma are also covered extensively, including chapters on surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy. This book is ideal for advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, medical students, postdoctoral fellows, and investigators with an interest in current molecular concepts and therapeutic interventions.

Key Features

Comprehensively covers the histopathological characterization, molecular mechanisms, and most recent therapeutic interventions in neuroblastoma
Includes recent developments and therapeutic interventions for neuroblastoma, including chapters on surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy
Presents a broad scope that provides basic researchers, practitioners and students with the most current overview of recent advances

To Whom this Book is For

Researchers, practitioners, residents and students in the fields of neurooncology, neurology, and cancer research

Table of Contents

1. Neuroblastoma pathology and classification
2. Role of genetic and epigenetic alterations in pathogenesis of neuroblastoma
3. Neuroblastoma molecular biology and promising therapeutic targets
4. The GD2-targeted immunotherapy of neuroblastoma
5. Targeting angiogenesis in neuroblastoma
6. Autophagy and novel therapeutic strategies in neuroblastoma
7. Energy metabolism and new therapeutic opportunities in neuroblastoma
8. Multimodality imaging for diagnosis of neuroblastoma
9. Immunotherapy for neuroblastoma
10. Advances in surgical treatment of neuroblastoma
11. Role of stemness factors in neuroblastoma: Neuroblastoma stem cells, tumor microenvironment, and chemoresistance
12. Current pharmacotherapy for neuroblastoma
13. Current challenges in the management of neuroblastoma
14. Novel therapeutic targets in neuroblastoma
15. Current and future strategies for treatment of relapsed neuroblastoma
16. Current evidence in favor of a tumor suppressor role of Krüppel-like factor 4 in malignant neuroblastoma
17. Modulation of expression of microRNA as a therapeutic strategy in malignant neuroblastoma

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Format of the eBook: PDF
Size of the eBook: 16 MB
Status of the eBook: Available for Free Download
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Neuroblastoma Free Download

Neuroblastoma eBook Free Download

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