Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics, 7th Edition

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Name of the eBook:Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics, 7th Edition
Authors / Editors: Karen J. Marcdante and Robert M. Kliegman
Book Description

The resource of choice for pediatric residencies, clerkships, and exams, Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics continues to provide a focused overview of the core knowledge in pediatrics. Succinct, targeted coverage of normal childhood growth and development, as well as the diagnosis, management, and prevention of common pediatric diseases and disorders, make this an ideal medical reference book for students, pediatric residents, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.

Key Features

  • Get an effective overview of pediatrics with help from concise text, a full-color design, high-yield tables, and numerous images.
  • Take advantage of a wealth of images that capture the clinical manifestations and findings associated with Kawasaki disease, lupus, lymphoma, stroke, and many other disorders seen in children.
  • Efficiently review essential, concise pediatric content with this popular extension of the Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics (ISBN: 978-1-4377-0755-7).
  • Focus on the core knowledge needed for your pediatric clerkship or rotation with coverage that follows the COMSEP curriculum guidelines.
  • Easily visualize complex aspects with a full-color layout and images, as well as numerous tables throughout the text.
  • Access the full contents, now integrated with select decision-making algorithms from Pediatric Decision-Making Strategies by Pomeranz et al. (ISBN: 978-0-323-29854-4), online at Student Consult.

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Table of Contents

Section 1 The Profession of Pediatrics Benjamin S. Siegel, Joel J. Alpert, and Rick Goldstein
1 Population and Culture
2 Professionalism
3 Ethics
4 Palliative Care and End-of-Life Issues

Section 2 Growth and Development David A. Levine
5 Normal Growth
6 Growth Disorders
7 Normal Development
8 Developmental Disorders
9 Evaluation of the Well Child
10 Evaluation of Child with Special Needs

Section 3 Behavioral Disorders Sheila Gahagan
11 Crying and Colic
12 Temper Tantrums
13 Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
14 Elimination Control
15 Normal Sleep and Pediatric Sleep Disorders

Section 4 Psychiatric Disorders Russell Scheffer
16 Somatoform Disorders
17 Anxiety and Phobias
18 Depression and Bipolar Disorders
19 Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
20 Pervasive Developmental Disorders and Psychoses*

Section 5 Psychosocial Issues Cindy W. Christian and Nathan J. Blum
21 Failure to Thrive
22 Child Abuse and Neglect
23 Homosexuality and Gender Identity
24 Family Structure and Function
25 Violence
26 Divorce, Separation, and Bereavement*

Section 6 Pediatric Nutrition and Nutritional Disorders Nancy F. Krebs and Laura E. Primak
27 Diet of the Normal Infant
28 Diet of the Normal Child and Adolescent
29 Obesity
30 Pediatric Undernutrition
31 Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

Section 7 Fluids and Electrolytes Larry A. Greenbaum
32 Maintenance Fluid Therapy
33 Dehydration and Replacement Therapy
34 Parenteral Nutrition
35 Sodium Disorders
36 Potassium Disorders
37 Acid-Base Disorders*

Section 8 Acutely Ill or Injured Child K. Jane Lee and Karen J. Marcdante
38 Assessment and Resuscitation
39 Respiratory Failure
40 Shock
41 Injury Prevention
42 Major Trauma
43 Near-Drowning
44 Burns
45 Poisoning
46 Sedation and Anesthesia

Section 9 Human Genetics and Dysmorphology Paul A. Levy and Robert W. Marion
47 Patterns of Inheritance
48 Genetic Assessment
49 Chromosomal Disorders
50 Approach to Dysmorphic Child

Section 10 Metabolic Disorders Margretta Seashore
51 Metabolic Assessment
52 Carbohydrate Disorders
53 Amino Acid Disorders
54 Organic Acid Disorders
55 Fat Metabolic Disorders
56 Lysosomal and Peroxisomal Disorders
57 Mitochondrial Disorders

Section 11 Fetal and Neonatal Medicine C.W. Gowen, Jr.
58 Assessment of Mother, Fetus, and Newborn
59 Maternal Diseases Affecting the Newborn
60 Diseases of the Fetus
61 Respiratory Diseases of Newborn
62 Anemia and Hyperbilirubinemia
63 Necrotizing Enterocolitis
64 Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy, Intracranial Hemorrhage, and Seizures
65 Sepsis and Meningitis
66 Congenital Infections

Section 12 Adolescent Medicine Kim Blake and Victoria Davis
67 Overview and Assessment of Adolescents
68 Well-Adolescent Care
69 Adolescent Gynecology
70 Eating Disorders
71 Substance Abuse

Section 13 Immunology Ramsay Fuleihan
72 Immunology Assessment
73 Lymphocyte Disorders
74 Neutrophil Disorders
75 Complement System
76 Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Section 14 Allergy Mary V. Lasley and Kelly Hetherington
77 Allergy Assessment
78 Asthma
79 Allergic Rhinitis
80 Atopic Dermatitis
81 Urticaria, Angioedema, and Anaphylaxis
82 Serum Sickness
83 Insect Allergies
84 Adverse Reactions to Foods
85 Adverse Reactions to Drugs

Section 15 Rheumatic Diseases of Childhood Hilary M. Haftel
86 Rheumatic Assessment
87 Henoch-Schönlein Purpura
88 Kawasaki Disease
89 Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
90 Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
91 Juvenile Dermatomyositis
92 Musculoskeletal Pain Syndromes

Section 16 Infectious Diseases Sherilyn Smith
93 Infectious Disease Assessment
94 Immunization and Prophylaxis
95 Anti-infective Therapy
96 Fever without a Focus
97 Infections Characterized by Fever and Rash
98 Cutaneous Infections
99 Lymphadenopathy
100 Meningitis
101 Encephalitis
102 Common Cold
103 Pharyngitis
104 Sinusitis
105 Otitis Media
106 Otitis Externa
107 Croup (Laryngotracheobronchitis)
108 Pertussis Syndrome
109 Bronchiolitis
110 Pneumonia
111 Infective Endocarditis
112 Acute Gastroenteritis
113 Viral Hepatitis
114 Urinary Tract Infection
115 Vulvovaginitis
116 Sexually Transmitted Infections
117 Osteomyelitis
118 Infectious Arthritis
119 Ocular Infections
120 Infection in the Immunocompromised Person
121 Infections Associated with Medical Devices
122 Zoonoses
123 Parasitic Diseases
124 Tuberculosis
125 HIV and AIDS

Section 17 The Digestive System Warren P. Bishop
126 Digestive System Assessment
127 Oral Cavity
128 Esophagus and Stomach
129 Intestinal Tract
130 Liver Disease
131 Pancreatic Disease
132 Peritonitis

Section 18 The Respiratory System Edward R. Carter and Susan G. Marshall
133 Respiratory System Assessment
134 Breathing Control
135 Upper Airway Obstruction
136 Lower Airway, Parenchymal, and Pulmonary Vascular Diseases
137 Cystic Fibrosis
138 Chest Wall and Pleura*

Section 19 The Cardiovascular System Daniel S. Schneider
139 Cardiovascular System Assessment
140 Syncope
141 Chest Pain
142 Dysrhythmias
143 Acyanotic Congenital Heart Disease
144 Cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease
145 Congestive Heart Failure
146 Rheumatic Fever
147 Cardiomyopathies
148 Pericarditis*

Section 20 Hematology Julie Panepinto and J. Paul Scott
149 Hematology Assessment
150 Anemia
151 Hemostatic Disorders
152 Blood Component Therapy

Section 21 Oncology Thomas W. McLean and Marcia M. Wofford

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