Fundamentals of Web Development

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Fundamentals of Web Development eBook Free Download

Fundamentals of Web Development eBook PDF Free Download

Edited by Randy Connolly and Ricardo Hoar

Published by Pearson

About the Book

This Fundamentals of Web Development is edited by Randy Connolly and Ricardo Hoar. This First Edition covers the broad range of topics required for modern web development (both client- and server-side) and is appropriate for students who have taken a CS1 course sequence. The book guides students through the creation of enterprise-quality websites using current development frameworks, its comprehensive coverage of a modern internet development platform¿includes HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and the LAMP stack (that is, Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). Other important technologies covered include jQuery, XML, WordPress, Bootstrap, and a variety of third-party APIs that include Facebook, Twitter, and Google and Bing Maps. Coverage also includes the required ACM web development topics in a modern manner closely aligned with best practices in the real world of web development.


Help students master the fundamentals of web development: A true grasp of web development requires an understanding of both the foundations of the web and current web development practices.
Support learning outcomes in various teaching scenarios: This book allows instructors to chart their own unique way through the topics that make up contemporary web development.

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What You will Learn

The Topics Covered in this Textbook are

How the Web Works
Definitions and History
Internet Protocols
The Client-Server Model
Where Is the Internet?
Domain Name System
Uniform Resource Locators
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
Web Servers

Introduction to HTML
What Is HTML and Where Did It Come from?
HTML Syntax
Semantic Markup
Structure of HTML Documents
Quick Tour of HTML Elements
HTML5 Semantic Structure Elements
Introduction to CSS
What Is CSS?
CSS Syntax
Location of Styles
The Cascade: How Styles Interact
The Box Model
CSS Text Styling

HTML Tables and Forms
Introducing Tables
Styling Tables
Introducing Forms
Form Control Elements
Table and Form Accessibility

Advanced CSS: Layout
Normal Flow
Positioning Element
Floating Elements
Constructing Multicolumn Layouts
Approaches to CSS Layout
Responsive Design
CSS Frameworks

JavaScript: Client-Side Scripting
What Is JavaScript and What Can It Do?
JavaScript Design Principles
Where Does JavaScript Go?

Web Media
Digital Representations of Images
Color Models
File Formats
HTML5 Canvas

Introduction to Server-Side Development with PHP
What Is Server-Side Development?
A Web Server’s Responsibilities
Quick Tour of PHP

PHP Arrays and Superglobals
$_GET and $_POST Superglobal Arrays
$_SERVER Array
$_FILES Array
Reading/Writing Files

PHP Classes and Objects
Object-Oriented Overview
Classes and Objects in PHP
Object-Oriented Design
Database APIs
Managing a MySQL Database

Working with Databases
Databases and Web Development

Error Handling and Validation
What Are Errors and Exceptions?
PHP Error Reporting
PHP Error and Exception Handling
Regular Expressions
Validating User Input

Managing State
The Problem of State in Web Applications
Passing Information via Query Strings
Passing Information via the URL Path

Web Application Design
Real-World Web Software Design
Principle of Layering
Software Design Patterns in the Web Context
Data and Domain Patterns
Presentation Patterns

Advanced JavaScript & jQuery
JavaScript Pseudo-Classes
jQuery Foundations
Asynchronous File Transmission

Security Principles

XML Processing and Web Services
XML Overview
XML Processing
Overview of Web Services
Creating Web Services

Content Management Systems
Managing Websites
Content Management Systems
CMS Components

Web Server Administration
Web Server Hosting Options
Domain and Name Server Administration
Linux and Apache Configuration

Search Engines
The History and Anatomy of Search Engines
Web Crawlers and Scrapers
Indexing and Reverse Indexing
PageRank and Result Order
White-Hat Search Engine Optimization

Social Network Integration
Social Networks
Monetizing Your Site with Ads
Marketing Campaigns
Working in Web Development

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Format of the eBook: PDF       Size: 146.6 MB


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Fundamentals of Web Development eBook Free Download

Fundamentals of Web Development PDF Free Download

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