Economics, 3rd Edition

Economics, 3rd Edition PDF eBook Free Download

Economics 3rd Edition eBook PDF Free Download

Making Sense of the Modern Economy

Edited by Saugato Datta

Published by Wiley

About the Book

This Economics: Making Sense of the Modern Economy, 3rd Edition is edited by Saugato Datta. This Third Edition textbook of Economics is published by Wiley publications. People have always had an interest in how the economy works, and that interest has only been magnified as a result of the Great Recession.


– Takes complex concepts and makes them easy to understand, presenting the concepts in the context of today’s economic environment.
– Details the sources of economic growth, and the role of central banks.
– Explains both macro and microeconomics.
– Analyzes why the recession of 2008 happened and how it was dealt with, as well as its short and long term effects.
– Helps to everyone from students to statesmen quickly and easily grasp how the economy really works in the real world, and how it affects our daily lives.

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What You will Learn

The Topics Covered in this Textbook are

What economics is about
Debates about the basics
How economies grow
Macroeconomic management: fiscal and monetary policy
Microeconomics: the economics of everything
The global economy
Before the storm: the forces at work
The global slump
Crisis-time economics
Recovery, repair and rebalancing
Flaws and remedies: the future of economics
The failings of economics
An evolving field
Emerging economists

For Whom is this Book For

This Economics: Making Sense of the Modern Economy, 3rd Edition is perfect for Economists and Businessmen. It is the must have reference for all those who get involved in field of Economy! It acts as a Reference Material for those students who are pursuing their Graduation in Economy.


Format of the eBook: EPUB   Size: 1.1 MB


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