The Dental Pulp

The Dental Pulp eBook PDF Free Download

The Dental Pulp eBook PDF Free Download

Biology, Pathology and Regenerative Therapies

Edited by Michel Goldberg

Published by Springer

About the Book

The Dental Pulp: Biology, Pathology and Regenerative Therapies is edited By Michel Goldberg. This First Edition provides a detailed update on our knowledge of dental pulp and regenerative approaches to therapy.


Descriptions of various in vitro and in vivo (animal) experimental approaches.
Definition of the pulp stem cells with special focus on the stem cell niches.
Discussion of the regeneration of a living pulp and information on new strategies that induce pulp mineralization.

What You will Learn

Topics Covered in this Textbook are

Pulp Development
Pulp Anatomy and Characterization of Pulp Cells
Pulp Extracellular Matrix
Strategies for Tracking the Origin and Fate of Odontoblasts and Pulp Cell Progenitors
Pulp Vascularization and Its Regulation by the Microenvironment
Dental Pulp Innervation
Inflammatory Processes in the Dental Pulp
Pulp Aging: Fibrosis and Calcospherites

Pulp Inflammation: From the Reversible Pulpitis to Pulp Necrosis During Caries Progression
Reactionary and Reparative Dentin-Like Structures
Genetic Alterations: Heritable Dentin Defects
Pulp Reactions to Dental Materials
Effects of Bisphenol A on the Dental Pulp
Fluoride Effects on the Dentin-Pulp Complex
Experimental In Vivo Approaches of Pulp Regeneration
Pulp Stem Cells: Niches of Stem Cells
Regeneration of the Living Pulp
Scaffolds for Pulp Repair and Regeneration
Regenerative Endodontics: Regeneration or Repair?

For Whom is this Book For

The Information placed in this The Dental Pulp: Biology, Pathology and Regenerative Therapies is essential for Dentists and for those Medical Students belonging to Dentistry. However other Health Care Professionals including Doctors, Medical Practitioners, Clinical Pharmacists and Nurses can gather the required information from it.


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The Dental Pulp eBook Free Download

The Dental Pulp PDF Free Download