Real-Time Embedded Systems

Real-Time Embedded Systems eBook PDF Free Download

Real-Time Embedded Systems eBook PDF Free Download

Design, Principles and Engineering Practices

Edited by Xiaocong Fan

About this Book

This Real-Time Embedded Systems is edited by Xiaocong Fan who is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering  at Pennsylvania State University. This book integrates new ideas and topics from real time systems, embedded systems, and software engineering to give a complete picture of the whole process of developing software for real-time embedded applications.

What You Will Learn

Topics Covered in this Textbook are

Introduction to Embedded and Real-Time Systems
Cross-Platform Development
Microprocessor Primer, Interrupts
Embedded System Boot Process
Real-Time System Modeling
Fundamental UML Structural Modeling
Architecture Modeling in UML
Fundamental UML Behavioral Modeling
Modeling Stateful Behaviors in UML

Real-Time UML: General Resource Modeling and Model Analysis
Software Architecture for Real-Time Embedded Systems
POSIX and RTOS, Multitasking
Real-Time Scheduling: Clock-Driven Approach
Rate-Monotonic Approach and Sporadic Server
Implementation Patterns, Resource Sharing
Intertask Communication : Message Queue, Pipe and Signaling
Software Timer Management and QNX Resource Management.

For Whom this Book is For

This Real-Time Embedded Systems book is most suitable for Computer and Software Engineering Students who are pursuing their Under-Graduation and Post-Graduation  Courses in Engineering. It also helps in providing more information to Software and Embedded Systems Engineers in developing new  Software.


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Real-Time Embedded Systems eBook Free Download

Real-Time Embedded Systems PDF Free Download