Psychological Trauma

Psychological Trauma eBook PDF Free Download

Psychological Trauma eBook PDF Free Download

A Developmental Approach

Edited by Dora Black, Martin Newman, Jean Harris-Hendriks and Gillian Mezey

About the Book

This Psychological Trauma: A Development Approach is edited By Dora Black, Martin Newman, Jean Harris-Hendriks and Gillian Mezey. In this First Edition, Normal and abnormal responses to stress, disasters, war and civil conflict, and interpersonal violence are discussed, together with diagnosis, interventions and treatments, and legal aspects.


There is reference to research findings throughout, and discussion of future research needs; each chapter contains a comprehensive bibliography.
Provide a useful introduction to trainees in the various mental health and legal disciplines interested in the subject.

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What You will Learn

The Topics Covered int this Textbook are

Human responses to stress: normal and abnormal
On the origins of post-traumatic stress disorder
Normal and abnormal responses to stress: a developmental approach
The interaction of trauma and grief
Memory and trauma
Theoretical models of post-traumatic stress disorder
Physiological and biological mechanisms
Psychoanalytical models
Cognitive-behavioural models of PTSD
Disasters, war, civil conflict, dislocation and interpersonal violence
A typology of disasters
Community Disasters
The Jupiter disaster
The Herald of Free Enterprise disaster
Help-seeking by community residents following the Lockerbie air disaster
The Marchioness riverboat disaster
The Kegworth air disaster
The King’s Cross fire: second phase intervention
The Hungerford massacre
The Piper Alpha oil platform disaster
Psychological consequences of road traffic accidents
The effect of conflict on combatants
The effect of conflict on civilian populations
The impact of war and atrocity on civilian populations
Civil violence
Children and conflict
Concepts, causes and magnitude of population displacement
Psychological responses to interpersonal violence
Adults and Childrens
Post-traumatic stress disorder in the elderly and Torture
Diagnosis, intervention and treatment
Diagnosis and treatment
Interventions and treatments
Debriefing and crisis intervention
Busuttil Bereavement counselling
Treatment of adults
Behavioural and cognitive approaches
Psychodynamic psychotherapy
Eye movement desensitisation
Children and adolescents
Treatment of children and families
Psychodynamic psychotherapy
Service provision
The role of the police
Social work in disasters
The school in disasters
The role of volunteers
The role of employers
Effects of disasters on helpers
Legal aspects: victims as witnesses and claimants
Civil law and psychiatric injury
Post-traumatic stress reactions and the criminal law
Psychiatric assessment of stress disorders for legal purposes
Ethical issues in disaster and other extreme situations
Organising psychosocial responses to disasters

For Whom is this Book For

The Information presented in this  Psychological Trauma: A Development Approach is essential for health and social services professionals, lawyers, and for those who plan responses to disasters and help organize services.


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Psychological Trauma eBook Free Download

Psychological Trauma PDF Free Download