Pharmaceutical Calculations

Pharmaceutical Calculations eBook PDF Free Download

Pharmaceutical Calculations eBook PDF Free Download

Edited by Robert M. Fulcher and Eugenia M. Fulcher

Published by Elsevier

About the Book

This Pharmaceutical Calculations is edited by Robert M. Fulcher and Eugenia M. Fulcher. This First Edition deals with Mathematical Calculations of Drug Dosages based upon Body Weight and Age of the Patients.


Objectives placed at the top of each chapter
Colorful Detailing of Keywords at the beginning of each chapter
Abbreviation Exercises helpful for Learning
Self Practice Tests at the End of Chapters

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What You will Learn

The Topics Covered in this Textbook are

Assessment of Mathematical Calculation Skills Needed for Pharmacy Technicians
Review of Basic Mathematical Skills
Conversion of Clinical Measurements of Numbers, Time, and Temperature
Comparisons of Measurement Systems
Interpretation of Medication Labels and Orders
Calculation of Solid Oral Doses and Dosages
Calculate Doses of Oral and Parenteral Liquid Medications
Reconstitution of Powders or Crystals into Liquid Medications
Calculation of Medications Measured in Units, Milliequivalents, and Percentages of Concentration
Calculation of Mixtures from Stock Medications
Calculation of Medications for Special Populations Based on Body Weight and Patient Age
Calculation of Medications Used Intravenously
Business Math for Pharmacy Technicians

 For Whom is this Book For

The Information presented in this Pharmaceutical Calculations is essential for Pharmacists both Clinical and Prescribers. It serves as Reference Material for those Medical Students who are pursuing their Graduation degrees in Pharmacy. However other Health Care Professionals including Medical MBBS, Pharmacy and Nursing Students, Doctors, Medical Practitioners and Nurses.


Format of the eBook: PDF   Size: 115MB


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Pharmaceutical Calculations eBook Free Download

Pharmaceutical Calculations PDF Free Download