Pediatric Neuroimaging, 5th Edition

Pediatric Neuroimaging, 5 Edition eBook PDF Free Download

Pediatric Neuroimaging 5th Edition eBook PDF Free Download

Edited by A. James Barkovich and Charles Raybaud

Published by Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

About the Book

This Pediatric Neuroimaging, 5th Edition is edited by A. James Barkovich and Charles Raybaud. This Fifth Edition is a highly illustrated text-reference that describes and illustrates the full range of pediatric disorders diagnosable by modern neuroimaging. It incorporates the essential concepts for obtaining good images and understanding normal development, which helps the reader to distinguish normal developmental changes from disease.


More than 2500 high-quality illustrations–MRI, CT, DWI, MR spectroscopy, fMRI–showing different stages of brain development and differentiating immaturity from disease
Discussion of normal brain development, malformations, brain injuries, and vascular disorders
Up-to-date applications of diffusion imaging, diffusion tensor imaging, perfusion imaging and proton spectroscopy–and which techniques are best suited to each age group
Discussion of newly described diseases and new classifications of disorders, such as brain tumors, malformations and metabolic disorders
Embryology, pathology and molecular biology included where applicable, to reinforce Understanding of disease and its radiologic manifestations
List of disorders helps reader to quickly locate a disorder within the text

What You will Learn

The Topics Covered in this Textbook are

Techniques and Methods in Pediatric Neuroimaging
Normal Development of the Neonatal and Infant Brain, Skull, and Spine
Metabolic, Toxic, and Inflammatory Brain Disorders
Brain and Spine Injuries in Infancy and Childhood
Congenital Malformations of the Brain and Skull
The Phakomatoses
Intracranial, Orbital, and Neck Masses of Childhood
Congenital Anomalies of the Spine
Neoplasms of the Spine
Infections of the Developing and Mature Nervous System
Anomalies of Cerebral Vasculature: Diagnostic and Endovascular Consideration

For Whom is this Book for

This Pediatric Neuroimaging, 5th Edition is a Reference Material for Pediatricians, Neurologists, Radiologists, Doctors and MBBS Students. However Students belonging to other Health Care Professions including Clinical Pharmacists and Nurses can also derive information from this Copy.


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Pediatric Neuroimaging 5th Edition eBook Free Download

Pediatric Neuroimaging 5th Edition PDF Free Download