Dermatology Essentials

Dermatology Essentials eBook PDF Free Download

Dermatology Essentials eBook PDF Free Download

Edited by Jean L. Bolognia, Julie V. Schaffer, Karynne O. Duncan and Christine J. Ko

Published by Saunders Elsevier

About the Book

This Dermatology Essentials is edited by Jean L. Bolognia, Julie V. Schaffer, Karynne O. Duncan and Christine J. Ko. This First (1st) Edition is ideal for registrars, clinical assistants and primary care professionals who need that quick heads-up.


Unique Introductory Chapters providing the Basic Principles of Dermatology
Over 1,500 Clinical Images, Illustrations and Schematics
Practical Tables, Intuitive Artworks and Logical Algorithms
Easy-in-Easy-out Format
DDx and Rx sections to provide Rapid Direct Reference to the Expert Guidance and Treatment Recommendations

What You will Learn

The Topics Covered in this Textbook are

Only 25 Chapters are Disclosed among 100 Chapters

Basic Principles of Dermatology, Bedside Diagnostics, Fever and Rash
Pruritus and Dysesthesia, Psychocutaneous Disorders, Psoriasis
Other Papulosquamous Disorders, Erythroderma, Lichen Planus and Lichenoid Dermatoses
Atopic Dermatitis, Other Eczematous Eruptions, Irritant and Allergic Contact Dermatitis, Occupational Dermatoses, and Dermatoses Due to Plants
Clinical Approach to Regional Dermatoses, Urticaria and Angioedema, Figurate Erythemas
Erythema Multiforme, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis
Drug Reactions, Purpura and Disorders of Microvascular Occlusion, Vasculitis
Eosinophilic Dermatoses, Neutrophilic Dermatoses,Pregnancy Dermatoses
Pemphigus, Bullous Pemphigoid, Mucous Membrane Pemphigoid, and Epidermolysis Bullosa Acquisita
Dermatitis Herpetiformis and Linear IgA Bullous Dermatosis etc…

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For Whom is this Book For

The Information presented in this Dermatology Essentials is primarily for Dermatologists and for those Medical MBBS Students who are pursuing their Post-Graduation in Dermatology. However Other Health Care Professions including Registered Medical Practitioners, Clinical Pharmacists and Nurses can obtain the required Information from this Copy.


Format of the eBook: PDF   Size: 761MB


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Dermatology Essentials eBook Free Download

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