A Doctor’s Dictionary

A Doctor's Dictionary eBook PDF Free Download

A Doctor’s Dictionary eBook PDF Free Download

Essays on Culture and Medicine

Edited by Iain Bamforth

Published by Carcanet

About the Book

A Doctor’s Dictionary: Essays on Culture and Medicine is edited By Iain Bamforth.  This First Edition takes a close look at the conflict of values embodied in what we call medicine never entirely a science and no longer quite the art it used to be.


For anyone who decides to live on the continent (as only the British refer to it) has to expect to live part of the time in the subjunctive the verbal mood for anything that’s hypothetical or contingent.
Includes Verbs of wishing, fearing, expressing judgement and emotion all take the subjunctive mood.

What You will Learn

The Topics Covered in this Textbook are

Anecdote:A Taste of Bitter Almonds
Bodies:The Plastinator
Cynicism: Knock! Knock!
Depression: A Conspiracy of Good Intentions
Ethics: Insomnia (in the Bed of Being)
Funerals: An American Book of the Dead
Galen: Crise de Foie
Happiness: The Moral Life of Happiness
Integrity: An Empty Plot
Journeys: Chekhov Goes to Sakhalin
Kafka: Uncle Siegfried
Language: Is There Life on Earth?
Mouth: Tell Me about Teeth
Nose: Hygiene of the Soul
Obit: The Importance of Being an Agoraphobe
Posture: The Human Position
Qi: Emergent Properties
Resilience: A Mining Town in Australia
Science (envy): Lamplighters and Lucefactors
Translating: Machine Made of Words
Upas: The Poison Tree
Vertigo: Stendhal’s Syndrome
Weightlessness: The War of Eye and Ear
X-rays: Under the Magic Mountain
Yellow” Fever The Life and Times of Ernst Weiss
(meta-)Zoology: Parasites

For Whom is this Book For

The Information Provided in this A Doctor’s Dictionary: Essays on Culture and Medicine is essential for all Health Care Professionals including Doctors, Medical Practitioners, Clinical Pharmacists and Nurses.


Format of the eBook: PDF   Size: 2MB


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A Doctor’s Dictionary eBook Free Download

A Doctor’s Dictionary PDF Free Download