Correct Your English Errors

Correct Your English Errors PDF eBook Free Download

Correct Your English Errors eBook PDF Free Download

Avoid 99% of the Common Mistakes Made by Learners of English

Edited by Tim Collins

Published by McGraw-Hill Education

About the Book

This Correct Your English Errors is edited by Tim Collins. This First Edition of Correct Your English Errors is published by McGraw-Hill Education Publications.


– Warns you of hundreds of typical errors learners make and explains the reasons behind the mistakes, so you can correct yourself in the future.
– Improve your English skills with this fun and comprehensive guide and avoid all the common mistakes, such as: Mispronouncing and misspelling words.
– Offers exercises covering all parts of grammar and provides review passages to check that you are error-free.
– Details on topics such as “Applying your native language’s grammar patterns to English, Putting verbs in the wrong tense, Using incorrect prepositions in expressions, Confusing subject-verb agreement”.

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What You will Learn

The Topics Covered in this Textbook are

Pronunciation and Spelling
Pronunciation, Spelling
Capitalization, Punctuation
Grammar, Nouns, Numbers
Determiners, Pronouns
Adjectives, Possessive Words, Verbs
Be: Simple Present Tense
Simple Present Tense
Present Progressive Tense
Be: Simple Past Tense
Simple Past Tense
Past Progressive Tense
Present Perfect Tense
Future Tense with Going to and Will
Modal Verbs, Subject-Verb Agreement
Passive Voice, Two-Word Verbs
Reflexive and Reciprocal Verbs
Infinitives, Gerunds, and Participles
Adverbs, Prepositions, Conditional Sentences
Impersonal Expressions, Vocabulary
Catch the Errors, Irregular Verb List
Answer Key, Index of Words and Expressions
Subject Index

For Whom is this Book For

This Correct Your English Errors, 1st Edition is perfect for Students and Faculty. It is the must have reference for all those who want to learn English! It acts as Reference Material for those students those who are pursuing their Graduation in B. Ed and M. Ed English.


Format of the eBook: EPUB Size: 13.2 MB


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Correct Your English Errors eBook Free Download

Correct Your English Errors PDF Free Download