Bone Disorders

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Bone Disorders eBook Free Download

Bone Disorders eBook PDF Free Download

Edited by Reiner Barti and Christoph Barti

Biology, Diagnosis, Prevention and Therapy

Published by Springer

About the Book

This Bone Disorders: Biology, Diagnosis, Prevention and Therapy is edited by Reiner Barti and Christoph Barti. This First Edition textbook covers the investigation, diagnosis, prevention, and therapy of all the bone disorders encountered in medical practice.


– Written in an easy-to-read style, it updates physicians on the current knowledge of bone structure, physiology, and pathology, with emphasis on the diagnosis and treatment of common bone diseases.
– Today, both medical practitioners and specialists need quick access to information on “bone problems” in order to help patients and their families. Therefore this book deals with everything from the basic physiology of bone and mineral metabolism to the utility of radiologic imaging and specialized tests in bone diagnosis and current treatment recommendations.
– It is scientifically based but provides clear guidelines for managing bone problems and for lifelong maintenance of skeletal structure and function. It will assist not only in the delivery of effective treatment but also in disease prevention.

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What You will Learn

The Topics Covered in this Textbook are

Evolution of the Skeleton
Structure and Architecture of Bone
Modelling and Remodelling of Bone
Control and Regulation of Bone Remodelling
Growth and Ageing of Bone
Osteoclast: The Leading Actor in Bone Disorders
Classifying Bone Disorders According to Spread (Topography)
Classifying Bone Disorders According to Underlying Pathologic Anatomy
Classifying Bone Disorders According to Pathophysiology
Clinical Evaluation
Skeletal Imaging
Essentials of Skeletal Radiology
Bone Densitometry
Laboratory Investigations
Bone and Bone Marrow Biopsy
Epidemiology of Osteoporosis
Definition of Osteoporosis
Pathogenesis of Osteoporosis
Subgroups of Osteoporosis
Clinical Evaluation of Osteoporosis
Risk Factors for Osteoporosis and Fractures
A Step-by-Step Programme for Healthy Bones
Physical Activity and Exercise Programmes
Calcium and Other Minerals
Vitamin D and Other Useful Vitamins
Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
Management of Pain in Osteoporosis
Treatment Strategies in Osteoporosis
Bisphosphonates (BP)
Other Drugs in Osteoporosis
Adherence and Monitoring of Osteoporosis Therapy
Future Directions
Epidemiology of Osteoporotic Fractures
Risk Factors of Osteoporotic Fractures
Fracture Healing
Management of Osteoporotic Fractures
Fractures in Rare Bone Disorders
Falls and Fall Prevention
Osteoporosis in Men
Osteoporosis in Children and Adolescents
Premenopausal Osteoporosis
Pregnancy-Associated Osteoporosis
Immobilisation Osteoporosis (Disuse Osteoporosis, Disuse Atrophy)
Assessment of Secondary Osteoporosis
Haematology and Storage Disorders
Infectious Disorders
Neurology and Psychiatry
Rheumatology and Immunology
The Patient with “Hypocalcaemia”
Osteomalacia and Rickets
AIDS Osteopathy
The Patient with “Hypercalcaemia”
Primary Hyperparathyroidism (pHPT)
The Patient with “Dense Bones”
Osteosclerosis and Hyperostosis
The Patient with “Changes in the Shape of Bones”
Genetic Disorders of Bone and Connective Tissue (Skeletal Dysplasias)
Paget’s Disease of the Bone
Fibrous Dysplasia
Vanishing Bone Disease (Gorham-Stout Syndrome)
SAPHO Syndrome
Bone Marrow Oedema Syndrome
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS, Sudeck’s Disease)
Ischaemic Bone Disease
Infections of Bone
Oral Bone Loss due to Periodontitis and Systemic Osteoporosis
Local Osteodysplasias
The Patient with “Extraskeletal Mineralisation”
Heterotopic Calcifications
Heterotopic Ossifications
Corticosteroid-Induced Osteoporosis
Transplantation Osteoporosis
Tumour-Therapy-Induced Osteoporosis
Drug-Induced Osteoporomalacia
Antiepileptic Drug-Related Osteopathy
Other Drugs Associated with Osteoporosis
The “Bone and Marrow” System
The Patient with “Myelogenous Osteopathy”
Anaemias and Bone Reactions
Leukaemias and Lymphomas of the Bone
Myelofibrosis/Osteomyelosclerosis Syndrome (MF/OMS)
Disorders of the Mononuclear Phagocyte System
Systemic Mastocytosis (SM)
Multiple Myeloma
Tumour-Induced Hypercalcaemia (TIH)
Tumour-Induced Bone Pain (TIBP)
Bone Metastases: Incidence and Development
Skeletal Metastases of Breast and Prostate Cancer
Other Tumours with Osteotropic Metastases
Primary Bone Tumours and Tumour-Like Lesions
The Normal Joint
Pathogenesis of Bone Disorders in Joint Diseases
Subchondral Cysts
Bone Reactions in Rheumatic Disorders
Degenerative, Metabolic and Neurogenic Joint Diseases
Infectious Joint Disorders
Peri-implant Bone Loss
Renal Osteodystrophy (ROD)
Haemodialysis-Associated Amyloidosis
Kidney Stones
Bone and Muscles
Bone and Skin
Bone and Fatty Tissue
Bone and Central Nervous System
Bone and Immune System
Bone and Teeth

For Whom is this Book For

This Bone Disorders: Biology, Diagnosis, Prevention and Therapy is perfect for Orthopedists, Pathologists, Residents and Practicing Physicians. It is the must have reference for practitioners and residents! It acts as Reference Material for those MBBS students who are pursuing their Post-Graduation in Orthopedics and Pathology. It includes topics pretty useful for Other Health Care Professionals including Clinical Pharmacists, Nurses and Professors.


Format of the eBook: PDF      Size: 53 MB


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Bone Disorders eBook Free Download

Bone Disorders PDF Free Download

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