Atlas of Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgery

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Atlas of Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgergy eBook Free Download

Atlas of Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgergy eBook PDF Free Download

Edited by Jonathan J. Dutton

Published by Wolters Kluwer LWW

About the Book

This Atlas of Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgergy is edited by Jonathan J. Dutton. This First Edition textbook provides step-by-step instructions from initial skin marking and cut to final closure for more than 90 commonly performed oculoplastic, lacrimal, and orbital surgeries.

Each step also includes a matching illustration inverted to accommodate the surgeon’s actual position during the surgery. In addition to clear instruction, the text for each surgery covers preoperative evaluation discussions, postoperative care instructions, and how to avoid and manage potential complications.


– More than 1,000 detailed color illustrations.
– Text and matching illustration are presented side-by-side for easy reference.
– Key points help reader plan the most appropriate operation and minimize complications.
– Surgeons can follow each step and perform the procedure even if they aren’t familiar with it.

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What You will Learn

The Topics Covered in this Textbook are

PART I Eyelid Surgery

A. Anesthesia

1. Anesthesia in Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery

B. Surgical Anatomy of the Eyelids

2. Eyelid Anatomy

C. Hordeolum and Chalazion

3. Chalazion Incision and Drainage, Transcutaneous Approach
4. Chalazion Incision and Drainage, Transconjunctival Approach

D. Trichiasis and Distichiasis

5. Cryosurgery for Trichiasis
6. Radiosurgery for Trichiasis
7. Internal Eyelash Bulb Resection

E. Cosmetic Blepharoplasty

8. Etiology and Associated Deformities
9. Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty with Fat Excision
10. Asian Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty
11. Refi xation of Lacrimal Gland Prolapse
12. Reformation of the Upper Eyelid Crease
13. Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty with Fat Excision
14. Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty with Fat Redraping
15. Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty with Eyelid Shortening
16. Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty with Lateral Canthopexy
17. Transconjunctival Excision of Lower Eyelid Herniated Orbital Fat

F. Brow Ptosis

18. Direct Brow Elevation
19. Transblepharoplasty Endotine Brow Fixation
20. Endoscopic Forehead Elevation

G. Blepharoptosis

21. Posterior Tarsoconjunctival Resection (Fasanella-Servat)
22. Posterior Müller’s Muscle–Conjunctival Resection
23. External Levator Aponeurosis Advancement
24. Supra-Whitnall’s Ligament Levator Muscle Resection
25. Harvesting Autogenous Fascia Lata
26. Frontalis Muscle Suspension with Autogenous Fascia Lata
27. Frontalis Muscle Suspension with Silicone Rod

H. Ectropion

28. Lateral Tarsorrhaphy
29. Eyelid Shortening by Lateral Tarsal Strip Fixation
30. Medial Spindle Tarsoconjunctival Resection
31. Full-thickness Marginal Wedge Resection
32. Modifi ed Lazy-T Procedure
33. Medial Canthal Ligament Plication
34. Temporal Fascia Lower Eyelid Suspension
35. Anterior Lamellar Eyelid Lengthening with Skin Graft

I. Entropion

36. Full-thickness Eyelid Sutures (Quickert-Rathbun)
37. Modifi ed Full-thickness Eyelid Sutures for Epiblepharon Repair
38. Lower Eyelid Crease Reformation for Epiblepharon Correction
39. Lower Eyelid Retractor Reinsertion
40. Retractor Reinsertion with Horizontal Eyelid Shortening
41. Retractor Reinsertion with Lateral Tarsal Strip Fixation
42. Anterior Lamellar Shortening with Epitarsal Muscle Fixation
43. Marginal Eyelid Rotation by Anterior Horizontal Tarsal Groove Resection
44. Horizontal Blepharotomy with Marginal Eyelid Rotation (Wies Procedure)
45. Posterior Lamellar Eyelid Lengthening with Free Tarsoconjunctival, Scleral, or Cartilage Graft
46. Posterior Eyelid Lengthening with Mucous Membrane Graft

J. Correction of Eyelid Retraction

47. Levator Aponeurosis Recession with Müller’s Muscle Extirpation
48. Lower Eyelid Retractor Disinsertion with Scleral Graft
49. SMAS Midface Elevation and Fixation

K. Repair of Superfi cal Non-marginal Eyelid

50. Simple Direct Closure of an Elliptical Skin Defect
51. Myocutaneous Advancement Flap
52. Myocutaneous Rotation Flap
53. Myocutaneous Transposition Flap
54. Rhombic Flap
55. Z-plasty Transposition Flap

L. Upper Eyelid Reconstruction

56. Direct Layered Closure of Marginal Eyelid Defects
57. Lateral Semicircular Rotation Flap (Tenzel)
58. Horizontal Tarsoconjunctival Transposition Flap
59. Free Tarsoconjunctival Graft
60. Lower Eyelid Single Bridged Advancement Flap (Cutler-Beard)
61. Lower Eyelid Double Bridged Advancement Flap

M. Lower Eyelid Reconstruction

62. Lateral Semicircular Rotation Flap with Periosteal Fixation
63. Free Tarsoconjunctival Graft and Myocutaneous Advancement Flap
64. Upper-to-lower Eyelid Tarsoconjunctival Advancement Flap (Hughes Procedure)

N. Medial and Lateral Canthal Reconstruction

65. Reduction of Epicanthal Folds with Y to V Advancement Flap
66. Reduction of Epicanthal Fold by Four-flap Technique
67. Lateral Augmentation Canthoplasty
68. Lateral Reduction Canthoplasty
69. Correction of Vertical Canthal Angle Dystopia
70. Glabellar Rotation Flap
71. Median Forehead Transposition Flap

PART II Lacrimal Drainage System Surgery

A. Surgical Anatomy of the Lacrimal Drainage System

72. Surgical Anatomy of the Lacrimal Drainage System

B. Surgery on the Lacrimal Puncta and Canaliculi

73. Two-snip Punctoplasty
74. Repair of Canalicular Lacerations
75. Canalicular Reconstruction

C. Surgery on the Lacrimal Sac and Duct

76. Nasolacrimal System Probing, with Infracturing of the Inferior Turbinate
77. Nasolacrimal System Probing with Silicone Intubation Stents
78. Nasolacrimal System Balloon Dacryoplasty
79. Dacryocystorhinostomy
80. Canaliculodacryocystorhinostomy
81. Conjunctivodacryocystorhinostomy

PART III Orbital Surgery

A. Surgical Anatomy of the Orbit

82. Surgical Anatomy of the Orbit

B. Orbitotomy Procedures

83. Transcutaneous, Transseptal Anterior Orbitotomy
84. Transcutaneous, Transperiosteal Anterior Orbitotomy
85. Lateral Orbitotomy

C. Surgery on the Orbital Walls

86. Orbital Decompression, Inferior and Medial Walls
87. Orbital Decompression, Transcaruncular Medial Wall
88. Orbital Decompression, Transconjunctival Inferior Wall
89. Orbital Decompression, Lateral Wall
90. Repair of Orbital Floor Fracture
91. Miniplate Fixation for Orbital Rim Fracture
92. Subperiosteal Orbital Volume Augmentation

D. Enucleation, Evisceration, and Exenteration

93. Enucleation with Primary Acrylic or Silicone Implant
94. Enucleation with Biointegrated Porous Ocular Implant
95. Dermis-fat Orbital Implant Graft
96. Repair of the Exposed Ocular Implant
97. Evisceration
98. Orbital Exenteration

For Whom is this Book For

This Atlas of Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgery is perfect for Surgeons, Residents and Practicing Physicians. It acts as Reference Material for those MBBS students who are pursuing their Post-Graduation in Surgery and Ophthalmology. It includes topics pretty useful for Other Health Care Professionals including Clinical Pharmacists, Nurses and Professors.


Format of the eBook: PDF      Size: 73.8 MB


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Atlas of Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgergy eBook Free Download

Atlas of Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgergy PDF Free Download

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